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Visits to the Park

Summer in the Technical University at Taguspark Incubator

Within the project "Summer in the Technical University", on July 4 the Taguspark Incubator was visited 35 secondary school students, who are to know and experience the rhythm of academic life and spirit of this initiative UTL.

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Chinese delegations visiting Taguspark

Two Chinese delegations of the sector of science and technology, coming from the province of Hong-Kong and of Hangzhou, had visited the Taguspark with the objective to know this Park, their basic concept and to exchange of impressions and experiences regarding innovation, management and development in these areas.
Besides getting to know the company that manages this park and the companies that constitute it, the visitors also had the opportunity to know the space it occupies and its potential for future investments.
To receive these delegations, with 18 and 6 members respectively were also present the AITECOEIRAS, the Development Agency Oeiras and the Municipal Council of Oeiras (in the case of the delegation of Hong-Kong).

Taguspark continues to deepen relation with Brazil

On April 6, the Vice-Director of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), António Vico Mañas, visited the Taguspark with the objective to know better this Park of Science and Technology and to deepen the relations between these two entities.

Received by the President of the Executive Commission of the Taguspark, António Vico Mañas showed particularly interested in the functioning of the Incubator in this Park, since it foresees the support of the PUC-SP to the Incubator of the future Technology Park of Jundiaí.
The Vice President said that it could became even more interesting to relate the bet of Taguspark in the area of Biotechnology and the Life Sciences, namely through the establishment of an eventual partnership, with the investment that will go to be made by the PUC-SP in the implantation of a pole in the Health area in another park of that country, the Technological Park of Sorocaba.
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Mission Group of São Paulo visits Taguspark

THE AGENDE – Development Agency of Guarulhos that is creating a Technological Park in Guarulhos, São Paulo, visited the Taguspark to know its model of functioning. It has also in view of the strengthening of relations between these two entities, through the creation of a partnership, under the form of a cooperation agreement.
The group was constituted by Paulo Gonçalves, general director of the AGENDE, by Devanildo Damião, professor in the University of São Paulo and coordinator of the nucleus of the Technological Park of Guarulhos and by Rafael Paredes, head of cabinet of the Municipality of Guarulhos. The visitors had related that this visit is an integrant part of a process of development of a social and technological environment to be consolidated in Guarulhos.
Throughout the day, the delegation had the opportunity to visit the installations of the IGC – Gulbenkian Institute of Science, accompanied by its Vice-Director, José Mário Leite; followed by a meeting with elements of the Executive Commission of, SA for the presentation of this company; having still place for a visit to the ISQ – Welding and Quality Institute, accompanied by its President Manuel Cruz.
It should be added that this visit appears in the pursuing of the participation of the President of the Executive Commission of the Taguspark, to Guarulhos, at invitation of AGENDE, in the 1st International Seminary of the Technological Park of Guarulhos, in the past day, 14th April, promoted by that entity.

Embaixador do Luxemburgo no Taguspark

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Com vista a estudar diferentes formas de cooperação e a possibilidade da futura instalação de empresas luxemburguesas no Taguspark, o Embaixador do Luxemburgo, Senhor Paul Schmit, visitou no passado dia 28 de Fevereiro o Taguspark, na sequência da anterior Visita de Estado da Delegação daquele país, realizada no passado mês de Setembro a este Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia.

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