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The Future


The future of your business starts here.

Here we imagine and build the future! New customized working spaces designed for companies that have a vision today of the success of tomorrow, offering a creative, technological and relaxed environment for their employees.

Taguspark is at the vanguard of innovative solutions.

Show us your business' future vision


Innovative work environments for people who are the future!

Advanced technological management facilities, offering access control, air conditioning and high energy efficiency.

Different configurations with a ceiling height from 5 to 7m with garden or sea views.

Have a coffee on the terrace or have a meeting on the sundeck.

Your company can choose spaces from 850 or 950m2 or the entire building with 1,800m2 GLA.


Your company can choose spaces from 850 or 950m2 or the entire building with 1.800m2 GLA




Relaxed and dynamic open spaces

Adaptable and customized solutions for workstations.

Set up an informal meeting or just have a coffee to exchange ideas on the terrace overlooking the Sintra Hills and Pena Palace.

Possibility to attending or promoting conferences, summits, training days and other corporate events. Direct access to a variety of services within you company’s new building.


Available GLA: 685m2



Building Inovação I

The Building Inovação I, with a GLA of 4.000m2, will receive a deep internal and external renovation preparing it for the XXI century.

This radical renovation will encompass an overall new architectural image, creating an attractive and stimulating working environment, adaptable to the reality of your company.

This building’s potential will take advantage of glazed windows on all facades to frame the fantastic views overlooking Oeiras and the sea.