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3 plots with the size of your business

Commerce and Services


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Come and discover, in the heart of the largest innovation, science, creativity and technology ecosystem in the country - OEIRAS VALLEY - right next to the TAGUSPARK business park, the ideal place to start your business: the TAGUS SPACE business centre.

Along the main access roads to Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra, in Tagus Space, 3 plots of land are available to build any commerce and/or services project. .

Close to large economic groups’ headquarters and high quality equipment and services of national and international prestige, of business, commercial, pedagogical, housing and recreational purpose, any of these 3 plots for construction of trade and services (10 minutes from the beach), meets the ideal conditions for the growth of your business.

Whether for their excellent location or the privileged relationship they have with nature, they have a whole set of qualities capable of providing sustainable, recreational, sporting, cultural, artistic and agricultural leisure to all of those who come here to work..

Be part of this Qualified Landscape full of talented people, multifunctional green spaces and contemporary life forms.

Presentation of 3 plots for commerce and services



Plot 1

Plot Area - 4.761 m²

Maximum Implantation Area - 1.428,3

Maximum Area for Construction - 3.860 m²

Maximum Volume of Construction - 14.283 m³

Nº of floors (F-floor / B-Basement) - 3F + 2B

1 Parking Space per 30m² of Gross Building Area

Plot 4

Plot Area - 4.953 m²

Maximum Implantation Area - 1.485,9

Maximum Area for Construction - 4.016 m²

Maximum Volume of Construction - 14.859 m³

Nº of floors (F-floor / B-Basement) - 3P + CV

1 Parking Space per 30m² of Gross Building Area

Plot 5

Plot Area - 5.165 m²

Maximum Implantation Area - 1.549,5

Maximum Area for Construction - 4.188 m²

Maximum Volume of Construction - 15.495 m³

Nº of floors (F-floor / B-Basement) - 3P + CV

1 Parking Space per 30m² of Gross Building Area

Best Place to Innovate